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Published Oct 12, 21
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When people are offered education on emotions and skills for how to work with them, they can begin to feel much better. Frank healed his stomach by enabling himself to feel unfortunate.

He practiced self-compassion in reaction to his humiliation, and that decreased, too. As soon as he experienced all of his feelings, they passed, as core feelings do when they are deeply felt in the body. By working with his feelings, he changed the shooting pattern of his vagus nerve and recovered his stomach pain.

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  • To recover the mind, we require to experience the emotions that go with our stories, and those are located in the body. When we are taught about the automated nature of feelings and discover to recognize and work with the core emotions below our stress and anxiety, we feel and function much better.

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    Excessive physical effort and emotional tension may trigger issues in both males and females, but women seem to be particularly prone to developing heart issues in the face of psychological tension (stress eating solution). Ask your physician about any constraints on exercise or vigorous exercise if you have heart problem. The July 18, 2007, issue of JAMA includes a post about severe emotional tension and its results on the heart.

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    An intense stress reaction occurs when symptoms develop due to an especially stressful occasion. The occasions are typically really extreme and a severe stress reaction typically happens after an unforeseen life crisis.